Fun Healthy Activities to do in Bloor West Village and Swansea

As a chiropractor in Bloor West Village for over 15 years, we’re all about keeping our patients feeling well so they can stay active and healthy for years to come!

Here are our 8 top picks for how to stay active in Bloor West Village and Swansea:

1. It’s hard not to start with High Park. From hiking, to fishing, to skating, swimming, playing tennis, to seeing the Cherry Blossoms and catching some Shakespeare at night, High Park is a true gem and blessing for our neighborhood.

2. Hiking from Etienne Brule park, at the Old Mill, up the Humber River. This is a great walk any time of the year, but especially in the fall, when if you’re lucky enough around Thanksgiving, you’ll see hundreds of salmon swimming and jumping upstream. An amazing sight to see right in the city!

3. If you’re a runner, High park is great, as is the Lakeshore path, or along the Humber river, and the stairs and cobblestone road down from Jane off Weatherell to the bottom at Etienne Brule park, and back up again, is a great workout!

4. Playing tennis. We are lucky to have so many great clubs close by! From the Old Mill, to Rennie park, to Howard Park on Parkside, Bloor West Village and Swansea are lucky to have some of the best tennis facilities in the city!

5. Skating. Rennie park is great for casual skating, or for hockey, and if it’s been cold for long enough, skating on Grenadier Pond in High Park feels like you stepped back in time!

6. Tobogganing. Rennie park is great for kids and adults that want a gentler slope, as is Lithuania park, but if you’re brave, and don’t mind breaking the occasional rule, High Park can be pretty great. Just make sure you’ve got your chiropractor on speed dial for the next day.

7. Kayaking. Rent kayaks and head down the Humber River to Lake Ontario and back again. You’ll forget you’re even in the city!

8. Walking or biking or rollerblading along the lakeshore of Lake Ontario. This path goes for miles, practically downtown and past the newly opened park at Ontario Place, or if you head west out to outcroppings at Humber Bay. Great for a beautiful summer day!

If we’ve missed any activities, please feel free to share with us. If you’re looking for places to shop in the village, check out our article Favourite healthy places to shop in Bloor West Village.

Enjoy exploring our amazing neighbourhood! Dr. Byron Mackay
Chiropractor Bloor West Village

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