Favourite Healthy Places to Shop in Bloor West Village

As a Bloor West Village chiropractic clinic, patients ask us all the time for recommendations on where to buy healthy foods and supplements. Here’s a list of our top 8 local places to get you started:

1. It’s almost impossible not to trip over one of the fresh fruit or vegetable stands all along Bloor St. We are so lucky to have these literally at our doorstops, all year round. My favourite is Carload Food Market…the produce is great, with a decent selection of organic, and the prices can’t be beat!

2. For supplements, there’s Supplements Plus, but my personal favourite is Foods For Life, tucked in just east of Kennedy. They’ve been there for over 40 years, and although it’s a small store, have an amazing selection, the best prices, and the most knowledgeable and friendly staff around. Highly recommend!

3. For bulk items, it looks like we’ll soon be losing Strictly Bulk after many years, with Bulk Barn as the new go to. Good to pick up lots of different basics at reasonable prices.

4. No Frills isn’t the fanciest grocery store, but they do stock most of what you need, and it sure is convenient right in the village. If you’re looking for super convenient, as in done for you, Max’s market and the Cheese Boutique are hard to beat.

5. If you’re looking for fresh fish, hard to go wrong with Snappers Fish Market. They’ve been there forever as well, and carry a great selection of seafood, and it’s right on Durie St, so handy.

6. For coffee (yes, it is healthy!), we have so many places to choose from, but the one right across from our office, Transform Chiropractic, is Coffee Tree, and I still think it’s the best. They were the first coffee roastery in Toronto, more than 25 years ago, they know their coffee, it’s reasonable, and super tasty.

7. Bakeries. Again, depending on who you ask, this may not be the absolute healthiest, but on occasion, it can’t hurt that much. My personal favourite still, and the place we get for all our holiday celebrations in the office, is Bread and Roses. Their sandwiches are SO good, and their danishes can’t be beat!

8. Meat. Bloor Meat Market has been there forever, and carries great meat, as does the Healthy Butcher, up on Annette.

If we missed any of your favourites, please let us know. If you’re looking for activities to do in the village, check out Fun Healthy Activities to do in Bloor West Village and Swansea.

Enjoy all the amazing healthy foods Bloor West Village has to offer! Dr. Byron Mackay
Chiropractor Bloor West Village

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