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For over 20 years, our team of award-winning chiropractors at Transform Chiropractic clinic in Toronto have helped thousands of patients to get out of pain, regain their mobility, and get back to the life they want.

Chiropractic doctors are primary healthcare professionals that have completed an undergraduate degree, followed by four years of professional study, and provincial and national board examinations.

Our chiropractors are highly trained specialists who use a hands-on approach to healthcare focusing on the spine, muscles, joints and their effect on your body and nervous system. 

Based on your assessment findings, your chiropractor will develop a customized treatment plan for you that will include a number of approaches: chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue mobilizations and manual therapies, customized corrective exercises and stretches, and ergonomic and lifestyle recommendations.

This approach is drug free, safe, highly effective, and will help to relieve your pain, restore normal function, minimize future injuries, and improve the overall quality of your life.

What to expect At Your Chiropractic Visit

When you come to Transform Chiropractic for your initial visit, you will meet with your chiropractor for a one-on-one initial consultation, where you will discuss your main concern, as well as your health history, work and lifestyle stresses, activity level, and any other contributing factors to your current condition.

Following this discussion, your chiropractor will conduct a detailed assessment of your spine, posture and main complaint. By examining your overall movement patterns, the alignment and mobility of your spine and joints, as well as the function of your muscles and soft tissues, your chiropractor will be able to determine what the underlying cause of your problem is, and the best way to resolve it.

Following this assessment, your chiropractic doctor will sit down with you to outline the specific problem areas that are contributing to your symptoms, and the most effective approach and treatment plan to get you moving and feeling better.

What Conditions can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

These are some of the most common conditions that patients benefit from:

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Our Downtown Toronto Chiropractors

Transform Chiropractic is honoured to be one of the top-rated downtown Toronto chiropractic clinics, using a number of chiropractic adjustment techniques (Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, Activator) combined with customized postural and stabilization exercises for our patients. 

Dr. Byron Mackay and Dr. Elizabeth Viglasky are dedicated professionals with over forty years of combined clinical experience. In that time they have successfully treated and helped thousands of satisfied patients of all ages.

Dr. Byron Mackay

Toronto chiropractor Dr. Byron Mackay

Dr. Elizabeth Viglasky

Female chiropractor in Toronto Dr. Elizabeth Viglasky

Chiropractic Care FAQ

It is recommended that you wear something loose and comfortable so that you can move and bend freely. You may also bring a change of clothes (t-shirt and shorts/sweat pants) if this is easier.

Chiropractic treatments have been proven to be effective form of health care for a number of musculoskeletal conditions, including: back pain, neck pain, arthritis, herniated discs, headaches and sciatica. 

Chiropractic care has also been shown to decrease pain and stiffness, improve posture, increase overall mobility and flexibility, prevent muscular and joint injuries, provide relief for pregnancy-related back pain, decrease inflammation, and enhance athletic performance.

Every patient is different based on their history and specific injuries, but many patients notice significant improvement in their condition after only a few treatments. Consistent reassessments help ensure the most effective treatment for the best results.

Yes. Chiropractic is one of the most widely used, researched and safest treatments for neck pain and back pain. Millions of Canadians see chiropractors on a regular basis, and chiropractic doctors have over 4,200 hours of training in the musculoskeletal pain and neurological systems.

There is typically little to no pain involved with an adjustment. Patients may experience the adjustment as a popping or cracking sound, depending on the specific chiropractic treatment techniques used, and this often immediate pain relief for the patient. 

In some cases, patients may experience some minor soreness following the visit, very similar to when you start a new exercise program, and your muscles and joints aren’t used to the new activity yet.

The length of time patients go for treatments depends on a number of factors. Your age, the severity of your condition, and your treatment goals will all influence your treatment plan. You and your chiropractor will discuss this following your initial assessment. 

No, a referral from a medical doctor or other health care provider is not required to begin patient care in our office. Our extensive professional referral network includes: massage therapy from a registered massage therapist, rehabilitation services, laser therapy, acupuncture, custom orthotics, and other sports medicine manual therapy providers. 

Yes, many patients have coverage for chiropractic services through their workplace extended healthcare plan. We are happy to provide the necessary paperwork to aid in reimbursement for direct billing. Chiropractic is not covered by OHIP in Ontario. 

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