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dr. byron mackay – chiropractor

Way back in 1994, long before I ever thought of being a chiropractor, I was a university student with neck pain that wasn’t going away. 

I was 20 years old, the painkillers I’d tried weren’t really helping, I could barely turn my head without pain, and I really didn’t know what else to do. 

A friend of mine had been going to a chiropractor, and after listening to me complaining about my neck, scheduled an appointment for me. 

After examining my neck, and pinpointing some very sore stuck areas, I got my first chiropractic adjustment. Wow! 

I have to admit I was a bit nervous beforehand, but my neck pain was instantly better by 90%, and I could actually turn my head again without pain! To me, this was a bit of a miracle! 

This experience changed the course of my life. After a few more adjustments my neck pain was 100% gone, and two years later, after completing my BSc, I ended up enrolling in Chiropractic College.

I’m excited to say that after more than 20 years now, and working with thousands of patients, it still amazes me when someone gets their first chiropractic adjustment, and their face lights up. 

They smile and they notice how much better they can move, and how much better they feel…after only one adjustment!

I’m married with two beautiful young daughters, and I know firsthand how important your health is, especially as you get older.

It’s hard to do all the things you want to do, to be the person you want to be, when you’re in pain, and your health is suffering. We’re here to help you with that. 

Looking forward to being a part of your healing journey to feeling better and living healthier. 

Dr. Byron Mackay

dr. elizabeth viglasky – chiropractor

It was over twenty years ago that as a university student I first heard of chiropractic and met my first chiropractor. I became so excited to learn about how the body works, and the power of healing from within, and the importance of spinal health and the nervous system in healing. This moment changed the course of my life and started my life-long passion in helping others to have their best life possible.

All these years later, I still have that excitement!

I continue to train and to study in order to provide the best care possible, and to share with our patients what they can do to help themselves. We practice structural, corrective chiropractic care to give patients the best opportunity to move out of a crisis state, to start feeling better, and finally towards wellness.

Now, after over 15 years of being in practice, my excitement still comes from witnessing the daily changes in people’s lives, and from knowing the amazing potential that comes from your body starting to heal as you were designed.

Looking forward to helping you on your healing journey.

Dr. Elizabeth Viglasky

Transform Chiropractic

Transform Chiropractic has been proudly serving Bloor West Village since 2002. We understand that each patient that comes into our office has a unique set of concerns and goals. Our mission is to help you reach your health goals as quickly and completely as possible.

Transform Chiropractic uses corrective chiropractic, and specific corrective home care techniques to ensure that our patients get the best possible results. We have a variety of chiropractic approaches available that have allowed us to help people of all ages, from pregnant moms-to-be, to newborns, athletes, and to seniors who are 90+.

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