Do you Think of Yourself as a Plant?

With all the time I’ve been spending out in the garden lately, it got me thinking about how we look after our plants, compared to how we look after ourselves.

Plants are living organisms. You are a living organism.

Yet how most of us think about plants and ourselves, in terms of health, is often completely different.

When one of your plants is droopy, or turning brown, in other words not healthy, what do you do?

If you’re like me, my first instinct is to give it water. Why…because I know ALL plants NEED water.

If that works, great. If not, I go down my mental checklist of what plants need…does it need more sunlight, or more nutrients in its soil. I think of everything it needs to be healthy.

Do I go to my plant dictionary and try to diagnose the type of droop in its leaf (Droopy Leafitis A or B), or the colour of brownness of its leaf? No.

Why? Because I know with my plant, as with every living organism, that IF I GIVE IT WHAT IT REQUIRES TO BE HEALTHY, even if it looks sick, 99% of the time it will naturally become healthy again on its own.

If I give it what it requires to be healthy, it will RETURN TO HEALTH, its NATURAL STATE.

Without any diagnosis, any medication, any ointment, all by itself.

Have you ever thought about how amazing that is? Have you ever considered how that is SO DIFFERENT from how most of us look at our own body, our own living organism.

Just like a plant, health is your natural state. You have requirements to stay healthy. Water, sunshine, healthy nutrients (just like a plant), AND adequate sleep, healthy thoughts, healthy brain-body spinal connection, and healthy movement.

So why, at the first sign of sickness or disease, like a droopy leaf on a plant, do we not think about which requirement we might be missing to be healthy, and make sure we are getting that first, before we try to diagnose and treat our symptoms.

Maybe it’s drinking more water. Maybe it’s getting out to walk more. Maybe it’s getting more sleep. You likely already have a good idea of what it is for you.

I suggest that if we looked after what is required for us to be healthy, just like we do with our plants, we’d be a whole lot healthier and happier.

So the next time you’re starting to feel a little droopy, maybe start to think about your health more like a plant.

Here’s to less droopy days! Dr. Byron Mackay

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