Are You Sitting Too Much – Try This Microbreak Mobility Routine

For any of us who have been sitting too much this year (and I think that’s many of us), particularly with less than ideal ergonomics at home, here are some tips and exercises to minimize the potential negative stress on your spine and health.

First, try to interrupt your sitting as regularly as possible. Set a timer on your phone, and try to get up and walk around for 30 seconds every 30 minutes.

Office worker taking a microbreak to perform a stretching routine at their desk.
An office worker engaging in a simple stretching routine during a microbreak to combat the effects of prolonged sitting.

Research studies show that sustained seated stress on your spine is damaging to it, particularly your spinal discs, and even 30 seconds of movement can make a difference.

If possible, try to set up a standing desk, or work at your kitchen counter every once in a while, just to interrupt the sustained sitting stress.

Second, when you are able to take a short break, try these simple exercises.

Watch this 3-minute Micro break mobility routine video to walk you through all the exercises in real time.

1.March on the spot, knees to 90 degrees, for 30 seconds, arms swinging at the same time.

2. Do some air squats for 30 seconds.

3. Try some overhead arm reaches, sort of like a jumping jack (without your legs moving), aiming for 5-10 repetitions.

All of these exercises are not just good for your low back and entire spine, but for your brain, and your ability to focus while you work.

Your brain, as we’ve mentioned before, is stimulated and activated by movement of your body, particularly by movement of your spine.

This is one reason why the chiropractic adjustment is not only beneficial for your spinal health, but also for your whole body, and helps to keep you focused throughout the day.

But even some simple movements, like going for a short walk or marching on the spot, air squats, or overhead arm reaches, are all good for your body, but especially for your brain.

The best part is that you’ll be more efficient with your work, get more done, and be getting healthier all at the same time!

For a more detailed article on the most efficient way to exercise, read our article on high intensity interval training.

Any questions about any of these, please ask.

Dr. Byron Mackay

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